Writing is a lot like running…

I am sitting here working on one of my two books and as I was writing I realized, it’s a lot like running. For a long time I was unable to run because of a bad knee injury (oh yeah, and recovering from knee surgery ;) ). Yet all I wanted to do was run. I couldn’t wait to be able to run again. Finally the day came and I was ready to take off. When I started running I realized I had a lot of work ahead me. I needed to recondition my body and strengthen muscles, I had to re-learn breathing techniques…etc. As I continue to run everyday I can tell I am getting stronger, I’m running faster and further. But to get better and make it happen, I had to keep pushing myself. I had to want it and know that I could do it as long as I didn’t let myself stand in the way. Do you know how easy it is to just stop running and decide “ah, maybe I’ll run a little more tomorrow?”

The same is true for writing. As I’m writing right now, I keep thinking to myself, how long its taking, how my thoughts don’t seem to flow right, all these frustrating moments that writers encounter. I have two choices I can just stop writing and hope that tomorrow I am more in the zone or I can continue to push on and keep writing, knowing that I can always go back and re-write or edit things that don’t sound right. The point I am trying to make, and I hope you are getting out of this, is, you have to keep pushing yourself to move ahead. I suppose this applies to anythng in life. Wherever you are right now, whatever you are doing, remember it’s only you that stands in the way of making something happen. You need to keep pushing yourself a little more each day to achieve your dreams and goals. If you constantly stop and settle for just enough or just okay, that’s all your life will ever be. Do you really want a life that’s just okay? Do you really want a career that is just enough to get by? Chances are you don’t. So in those moments when you feel like you just can’t go on or you just want to give up, remember to keep running. Keep moving ahead, even if it is just a few more inches or a writing a few more pages or a few more minutes deidcated to whatever you’re doing. Those few extras you add on will continue to grow and grow everyday and the next thing you’ll know you are further ahead then you ever thought you’d be.

Let me know what you do to motivate yourself to keep going when you feel like giving up. Also, feel free to share your struggles or frustrations. You are definitely not alone! Comment below!

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