If the Path Was Always Clear, it Would Be Too Easy.

“If the path was always clear, it would be too easy.” This saying keeps running over and over again through my mind tonight. On one hand I appreciate it’s truthfulness and on the other I find it downright annoying. This month in particular has brought a lot of thoughts to mind. I look back on where I was a year ago this time and can’t believe how much things have changed, deadlines that I missed, projects I was going to complete, and dreams I was going to achieve. Now I sit here thinking “so what happened?” Nothing went exactly as I planned and there have definitely been surprises along the way.

There is this very strong urge to want to just surrender and accept defeat. Then there is this very dominant side of me that continues to fight. Continuing to fight in life, through unseen obstables and difficult situations is never easy. Yet we fight because there is something worth fighting for. Maybe it’s a dream, a calling, a feeling, a moment; whatever it may be, we keep going. Through all the defeats and let downs, we know there is something just beyond the horizon waiting for us. We may not be able to clearly see what that is, but if we give up now, we’ll never know. Don’t you at least want to know what is waiting for you?

I think of life a lot like one big story. Everyday we wake up and turn over a new page. Did our story cease to exist while we slept? No, it continues whether we are conscious of it or not. The world continues to revolve and we continue to play an integral part in it. Our dreams shape our tomorrows and show us a world that could be. Without drama or conflict in any story, it’s extremely boring and dull. So many of us strive for perfection all the time (yes, I am guilty of this myself), but have you ever wondered why people never find it? It’s because perfection is really boring. There is nothing spontaneous or exciting about perfection, it is very predictable and stable. We keep seeking more and more, because once we get what we want, it’s never enough. How many times have you sat down and wondered why you couldn’t figure out what to do, or where to go, or what direction your life should take? Why does it seem so hard? You wish and wish for the easy answers, the clear signs, and they never seem to come. You feel disappointed and let down. Then suddenly you give into the challenge, you, the protagonist of your own story, change course, and suddenly life becomes very interesting. You begin to learn about yourself, your dreams, your passions. You begin to break free of your mundane daily routines and find something new around every corner.

Let me ask you question… Take a look at your life right now. Forget that it’s yours for the moment. Pretend that your life is a novel and you are reading it for the first time. What would you see this character doing? So they are stuck in a bad situation, everything has come down around them, or maybe they are in a position of great success and happiness (although we all know, even the most perfect of people and lives are flawed). Okay, so you’ve found where your character is….it’s a cliffhanger of a moment, your character is going to make a choice, to make things happen in their life or give up and allow the moment to swallow them whole. What do they do? Ask the writer in yourself, how would you write your life? How would you write your tomorrow?

While it’s true, there are things that can be done in fiction that can not be done in reality, such as getting hit on the head with an anvil and living to tell the tale. hehe. But part of good writing is being able to be real and honest, even in fiction. Therefore, your life is your own novel, what path is it going to take? No good character has ever had an easy or clear path. They all faced challenges to reach the end of the story. And even though the story ends, it’s never really over, it’s just time to pick up the next book and start again. Honestly, though, when you write a story or read a great story, you fall into that world. You begin to imagine yourself there. The worlds authors create are magical, they are incredible and often times unbelievable. Why can’t your life be like that? Honor the rules of gravity and general moral codes, but honestly, why can’t your life be what you want it to be? Choose your own adventure. Write your own story. For every good protagonist, there has to be an antagonist. I bet if you looked at your life like a story and began to imagine the possibilites of where your character could go, your life would begin to move in ways unknown to you. You would find solutions to problems you couldn’t find before. It would surprise you. Try it, see what happens! Everyone’s life is a story to be told, what’s your story and how will you tell it? Don’t leave your character hanging.

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