Chances…Do they really exist?

Well…its been quite some time since I last blogged.  I wanted to talk about an interesting concept that came my way during a conversation I recently had. My friend mentioned the idea of second chances. I said “Well, nothing in life is ever really by chance, is it?” I took the side that life is a matter of choice, not random acts of chance. Granted, I will be honest and say I’ve had those moments in life where I said, “this is a once in a lifetime chance.” But would a better word have been opportunity rather then chance? Oh heck, I’ll be honest, chance is just so much more dramatic sounding then opportunity. And when you really, really want something, chance makes it sound so fleeting and so urgent, it definitely gives you more leeway into getting what you want.

I want you to think about it for a moment. This may not be of any interest to you and may seem a bit unnecessary and pointless, but I do have a point to all of this. No matter what you are constantly making choices. Nothing really just happens randomly because it wanted to. If that were the case, I could go to sleep tonight and just by “chance” wake up extremely rich and in a mansion, just because. Has that happened to anyone out there? If so, let me know your secret. haha. Anyway, what I am getting at, is the idea that nothing ever really just manifests out of mid-air. We make a choice, at the very least, to send positive thoughts out into the universe, but we still choose to do that. As random as it may have seemed at the time when the thoughts came to you, you still chose to think them and continue thinking about them. Get where I am going with this?

A lot of people put a lot of stock in chance. They feel like life is out of their control and sometimes yes, it is very much of our control, but not by chance. It’s by other factors, choices other people have made. For instance, the job market, most of us are effected by it to some degree. You send out resume after resume and nothing happens. It’s out of your control in the sense that the person on the other end are making a choice. You made the choice to set things in motion, but now it’s in someone else’s hands. What I’m trying to get at is that we’re constantly setting things in motion, we’re constantly making choices, we’re starting ripples in the world every second of every day. Sure, they may not always go the way we want them to and sometimes the ripple my only last a second, but we still are in control. It’s not just happening because of some unknown force. Even from a religious perspective, God tells us to ask him for help. “Seek and ye shall find.” The simple act of saying a quick prayer to ask God for help or guidane is also a choice. You are putting the call out and He responds.

I want you to think about your life and the choices you are making. Maybe the problem for all of us is not that we are dealt a bad deal of cards, but rather we need to shift our thinking to make smarter choices.  Stop investing in chance and coincidence, but rather set into motion your own life. Life doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life.  The answers aren’t easy to find sometimes and we stumble around for what seems like forever, but we eventually get it right, we eventually get where we’re going. I think if we just start taking a little more responsibility for what we do in life, we’ll begin to see things differently and maybe the rut you feel like you’re in, will begin to fade away.

Question to all of you, “What do you think? Do chances exist? Is life all one big chance or is it about choices? And what choices are you making right now in your life?”

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