Decision Made…

I’ve been working on a side project that came to me one day when I was randomly constructing stories in my head. Mainly I was just letting my imagination run wild (if you’ve seen it, please contact me lol) and decided to actually write this story. As I began writing it I started to think of what I wanted to do with it. Would it be yet another story I wrote for pure enjoyment and left to waste away on my Mac’s harddrive or would it be a story I would actually share with people? If you’ve read my tweets lately on Twitter you may have noticed I was pondering doing a book for my website only. That is indeed what I have decided to do.

YEARS ago when I was still in high school I was asked by a friend to write her into some fan fiction. She was a huge fan of a music group at the time and wanted to be put into a story with the members of this band in her life. I decided to take a try at it because I loved writing and it ended up becoming a much larger project then I ever imagined. My friend couldn’t wait for me to send her the next installment via email. She would email me all the time asking me for more. I never actually was able to finish the story, it was on going drama and definitely kept people entertained for a long time. When I say entertained I mean that apart from my friend who I wrote it for, I had my high school English teacher reading it every week too. She was so into it, that I could use it as a bribe to get the whole class out of taking tests. I kid you not. I would tell my teacher “I’ll write you a story if we don’t have to take this test.” And it worked. I would give her chapters of the fan fiction, I would write her fictional stories about adventures our class would take and she loved it. My classmates enjoyed it too. hahaha.

Needless to say back then I just wrote whatever came to me and would update it as it was written. I am going to attempt to do that again with this story. I can’t promise when I will have updates or how much I will have to update, but you will be getting this story in pieces as I write it. I already have some of it ready to go and I will be posting it very soon. I just wanted to give you a heads up as to what is coming. I truly hope you’ll enjoy it and please feel free to leave feedback on what you read. It’s always very appreciated. I can’t wait to share this with you! :)

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