Dear Stress…This is Goodbye.

Ever have those moments in life where you are so stressed out that you don’t even realize you’re stressed anymore? You know when the stress has become such a close companion of yours that you just allow it to intergrate seamlessly into your everyday life? Sucks huh? And breaking off this tight relationship with stress isn’t an easy thing to do. You know you want to get rid of it and you try and try to push it away and say hey “it’s me, not you,” but nothing gives. I wish I had an exact science or way to make this happen, but I don’t. I am one of those people who lets stress tag alongside me daily and I really wish it would find a new hobby or place to go.

As I’ve mentioned in this blog I have a ton of book projects that I am working on. I love them all for various reasons and the characters and stories entertain my brain everyday, all day long. Then I open up my Pages program and look at the words so neatly typed on the page and….nothing. It’s like the fire inside quickly dies to a small flame and I’m just not feeling it anymore. A passion never goes away, though. You’ll always have it. I can attest to this personally. All my life I wanted to be a performer/musician/dancer. I wanted to write my own music and perform for thousands of people. This was my childhood (okay one of…) dreams. Am I doing that today? No. In fact, around the time I was 18 or 20 I decided to pursue other things. But right behind me is my guitar that I regularly pick up and write music with. I write music because it’s in my soul, it’s my passion, but it isn’t the path I am meant to follow. When I was about 9 or 10 I began dancing. Over the years I have done ballet, jazz and hip hop and I loved it. Nothing could be better. Then unfortunately I had to stop due to ankle injuries and have longed to dance again. It’s a passion of mine. Thankfully, I have begun dancing again and I couldn’t be happier about it. The hour I am at dance seems to fly by and I leave wishing I could go longer or more often. I could dance every day and be very happy, but I am not meant to dance professionally. Point being, passions never leave. They just may take a break while you follow the path you are supposed to be on. They help you learn and grow. Writing is a passion. It always has been and I know it’s not going anywhere. What frustrates me is that the stress of daily life seems to have snuffed out my drive to finish the projects I am working on. It used to be no problem for me to sit here into the wee hours of the night writing, but now I struggle with it because my mind is worn out from worrying and stressing (even though I don’t realize I’m doing it lol).

So…All you stressed people out there, here is the exercise/question portion of this blog…Write a break up letter to your stress. It might just help you break free and live out those passions again. Find your way back to where you need to be and gain some clarity. I will post my letter up here later and feel free to share yours here too! :)

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