What’s Important About Writing…

It’s not important how well you write or how much you write in a day. What is important is that you WRITE. I know this may seem a bit funny of a revelation from a writer, but I am realizing the importance of writing just a little bit everyday.

I spend so much time talking about writing or the projects I want to write and then never actually write them. Lately I’ve been dedicating a little time each day to writing. I don’t care if I am writing a simple poem, note to myself, blog or actual chapters in a book. The point is…I’m writing. As a writer we have to keep writing. We tend to get in our own way a lot of the time. It’s starts by our lack of time. Thinking we can’t possibly afford a few minutes everyday to write. We sit and long to be like established writers who get paid to spend their days laboring over their laptops (or pen and paper if you’re old school hehe). We begin to doubt our own abilities as to whether our writing will ever compare or be enough to get published. We take mindless trips to bookstores and realize five other authors have similar books out like ours and wonder is it really worth continuing with the project? So many things come to mind and creep into our psyche that before long the book we could have written by now is left unwritten and waiting for someone else to write it. You know what? You have a choice, you can either make time to write and follow your passion or you can sit sadly in the corner of the bookstore looking at the space on the shelf that should have been housing YOUR book. You’ll never know what could be if you don’t make it happen. It just takes one key stroke to get started and without that first key stroke you’ll always be left wondering what if?

Question: Do you write a little everyday and how do you fit it into your schedule?

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