The Sleeping Writer

Hey, Hey, Hey!!!!

I know, I know. I have been gone for quite some time. I did in fact write blogs for this, I just never published them. Which leads me to my point about the sleeping writer. Follow me for a second…

At some point we all have to sleep. Some of us get more sleep then others, but eventually we need sleep. What about the writer within us? I think the writer inside needs some sleep too. During sleep we are able to dream and let ourselves be free. When we are awake we are bombarded with the complexities and chaos of life and therefore are easily distracted. The writer within needs time to sleep; to dream and explore new ideas. I feel like my inner writer has been asleep. Sure, I have been writing about educational issues and religious issues relating to the world and education now, since I’ve been involved in my teaching credential & Master’s degrees program. That isn’t my true writing. I have so many unfinished blog posts and books that it’s ridiculous. Heck, let’s not even add into the mix the screenplays I never completed hehe. *phew* I was thinking about this last night and I realized that my inner writer hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just sleeping. It’s in hibernation until it wakes up and begins again on it’s quest to tell the world all the stories and information it needs to hear.

I can already feel my inner writer waking up. It’s coming and when it does, it’s gonna be huge. Unfortunately life got the best of my poor inner writer and it needed to rest. Rest is a good thing and it ultimately helps in the long run. Point of this blog… LET YOUR INNER WRITER REST! :) Just because you are mentally blocked or not finding the inspiration you need at the moment, or maybe life has totally weighed you down, don’t be discouraged. It’s okay to let the writer rest and then when it’s time for it to wake up, it will be full of energy and strength like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

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