Did you know that I don’t just read books, prolifically, but I also publish and write them too?


They called us Benders, I preferred the term extraordinary. I suppose the world feels better when it can classify things and put us in neat, tiny boxes. We were far more than a word or classification. But it made it easy for people to find us, to segregate us, and watch us. I wasn’t like all the rest; there was something different about me, a path I was to follow, great plans people saw for what I would become and do one day, until, he (Aden) broke my heart and I ceased to exist.






“I suppose you have a choice to make. You can continue along in the life you have been living, you can identify yourself with your job, but I see in your eyes that this is not who you are. This is not what makes you happy.”

After the death of his father, Tucker gave up his dreams to take care of his mother. Reluctantly he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a truck driver. Every day was as predictable as his truck route and Tucker slowly gave up his hopes for a different life until he finds a girl in the middle of the road.

Evil threatens to destroy Ravinna’s world unless Tucker chooses to believe her and accept her challenge to become a dragon slayer.